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Alan Faulds

Alan Faulds

Alan Fauld's sculpture has its source in the workshops of pre Reformation Europe where sculptors and painters collaborated. For the most part, he is swimming against the flow of the last 100 years of sculpture with its minimalism, abstraction and interest in materials. His work is figurative and narrative with subject matter based on his observations and sometimes irreverent reflections on the world around him. He makes the opposite of 'sacred art' but his materials, tools and techniques are more or less the same, albeit updated.

"My work is very labour intensive made over a period of time with my working on many pieces at the one time. I use colour, pattern, found objects, nostalgia, humour/irony, fun, movement, quirkiness or whatever else it takes. I present my compositions in this way to draw the viewer in. But things are not always as they first appear. More often than not pieces have a twist in the tail. I use a lot of source material. Things get researched, added, changed and discarded. I try to leave behind as many clues as I can of these thought processes. I want everything to be open to interpretation and it's my hope that in ambiguity, everyone will respond to and see each piece differently."

Example of Artist's Work

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This Artist at Doubtfire

character building

6th July - 10th August 2019

winterworks 18|19

24th November 2018 - 2nd February 2019