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Holly Holder

Holly Holder

After a successful 26 year career as a make-up artist in film and television, Holly was diagnosed with a genetic eye condition “Retinitis Pigmentosa“ in 2015, resulting in gradual loss of vision. She launched her Art career in 2016, a natural choice as she had always worked in a creative environment, starting out as a graphic designer before turning to make-up artistry. Her impressionistic style derives from her lack of vision, relying on instinctive strokes to convey the powerful imagery.

Being legally blind, she relies on her 'internal' world, which has become intrinsic to her practice. “My paintings have become more fluid, though references to landscape still emerge and depict evocative land and seascapes. I have always felt a strong connection with nature and am inspired by the raw energy and power of it, especially the ocean. I seek to evoke an emotional connection with the viewer.”

Holly works in a wide range of media - watercolour, oils, pigments, size, beeswax, chalks, pastels, acrylics - on canvas and paper board.

She invites the viewer to challenge their perceptions of blindness and to emotionally connect with her paintings through a sense of mood, place or feeling. Following both group and solo exhibitions, her work and story have received local and national media attention.

Example of Artist's Work

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This Artist at Doubtfire

winterworks 18|19

24th November 2018 - 2nd February 2019