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Jessamy Kelly

Jessamy Kelly

In 2001, Jessamy completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in ‘Glass and Ceramics’ at the University of Sunderland and went on to complete her Masters in ‘Glass Design’ at Edinburgh College of Art, in 2002. This involved an Industrial placement at Edinburgh Crystal as a student glass designer. Jessamy worked as an in-house glass designer for Edinburgh Crystal until 2006, when she decided to focus completely on her own studio work and business. She has run her own art glass business ‘Jessamy Kelly Glass’ since graduating. In 2009, she completed her practice based PhD at the University of Sunderland. She is currently a Lecturer in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art.

Jessamy works mainly in kiln cast glass, which she combines with ceramic aggregate. Renowned for being difficult to combine, glass and ceramics are usually regarded as being incompatible due to differences in structure. Through her material research Jessamy has managed to combine them in a hot state to create her unique series of artworks. She harnesses light by cutting away the materials to reveal their inherent transparent and translucent qualities. The way light passes through her work to reveal an inner luminosity intrigues Jessamy and inspires her to work with these two mediums. Jessamy’s work shows balance, precision and great delicacy. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout the UK as well as internationally throughout Europe and the United States.

Photos: Studio 21, Shannon Tofts, David Williams

Example of Artist's Work

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This Artist at Doubtfire

converge | six women in glass

14th July - 25th August 2018