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Kate Henderson

Kate Henderson

Kate trained in Stained glass at Edinburgh College of Art in the early nineties and has since built up a varied portfolio of commissioned stained glass for public and private buildings across Scotland and Europe. She has won awards for her paintings from the RGI and the RSW and is an elected Associate member of the British Master Glass Painters and a Professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists and was Chair of the Scottish Glass Society from 2013-16.

Known for her vibrant colourful paintings and stained glass, Kate is showing a quieter more reflective series of work in her latest exhibition at Doubtfire 'converge | six women in glass'. Over the past 13 years, she has been developing this body of work alongside her commissioned pieces. It examines her personal responses to motherhood and the loss of her parents, in particular her father who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

The work is mixed media based; crossing traditional and contemporary techniques, from painted, layered acid etched glass to waterjet cut glass. It’s been created by gaining two East Lothian Makers Awards to help with her research, and has taken her to glass studios in Germany, Caithness and Sunderland to accomplish this.

The house symbolises the need to provide shelter from the elements, the maternal need to nurture and protect those inside. The texture, text and patterns on the glass reflect her daily life and routine as a mother and artist that ape the activities that converts a mere building into a home.

“I’m interested in the way that light transfers through the glass; to create fleeting shadows that leave their temporary mark. I’ve used a mixture of non-permanent drawing materials combined with sandblasting and etching to allow the surface of the glass to slowly change overtime, reflecting the fragile passage of life.”

Photos: Gordon Bell, Kate Henderson

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