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Liz Knox studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh Art College under Sir Robin Philipson and David Michie before graduating in 1971. Her career then followed a path of teaching Art in secondary and further education in the UK and Spain. She is a member of Paisley Art institute and was elected president between 2007 to 2010. She is an elected member of council Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, a professional member Visual Arts Scotland and artist member Glasgow Art Club.

“Approaching Liz Knox’s work needs consideration, thought, time. Knox has honed her own style and painterly language for 35 years or more. Her Language is paint and all the techniques, compositional devices and means of expression which fluency in this medium demands. Knox creates personal narratives by painting the objects, places, moods and feelings which surround and envelop her in everyday life. She responds to locale, to atmosphere, to light and colour." Giles Sutherland, art critic and writer.

Example of Artist's Work

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This Artist at Doubtfire

winterworks 18|19

24th November 2018 - 2nd February 2019