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Michael G Clark PAI RSW

Michael G Clark PAI RSW

Michael G Clark graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1983.

He visited Paris for the first time in 1980, walking for miles, drinking in the atmosphere and revelling in the style of the city and its people. He loved the cafés and the streets – the different iconography the city had to offer. This love for Paris and the South of France is clearly reflected in his paintings, using an accomplished technique which creates an affectionate impression of his subject in a minimalist style. This same love translates in equal measure to many other subjects and locations, whether a canal-side restaurant in Venice, or the banks of the River Doon in his native Ayrshire.

Doubtfire gallery is delighted to be presenting our sixth major solo exhibition for Michael, the first in our new premises. In these most challenging of times, this collection is best described in his own words:

“I started painting for this exhibition last year. In the winter months, my head was filled with memories of summer spent with friends and family, simple pleasures, dappled light on games of Pétanque, and lazy days in French markets shopping for dinner.

By early February, Coronavirus was being talked about and a few weeks later life changed for all of us. It gave some of us time to think. Working in the studio, I started to look at our garden and some paintings came from just the sheer pleasure of seeing Spring arrive.

Putting the paintings together for this exhibition, the title ‘Quedubon’ - Just Good Things - has allowed me time to reflect, to be grateful for friends, for good times, that I have been lucky and able to work. I now share these paintings with you.”

Working from a studio at the top of his house in Ayrshire, Michael Clark continues to build upon a growing following for his work through solo and group exhibitions throughout the UK.

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