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Quiet City

Quiet City
5th August - 12th September 2020

Simon Rivett has been painting the landscape since 1988. Trained at Goldsmith’s College, he last painted the urban environment from his student base in London and the industrial landscape of his home town of Newcastle. Recent years saw him living in and exploring the unique rural landscape of the Outer Hebrides, Norway and Iceland. Living in Edinburgh for the last three years, it seemed both natural and logical to use the city as a source for this new collection of work. In this, his third solo exhibition at Doubtfire, these dynamic new cityscapes are an extension and development of the visual explorations he he has made during his time in the capital. “The title of this exhibition is taken from Aaron Copland’s wonderful musical work Quiet City, which was written for a play in 1939. Its eerie score has an apt emotive quality, a soundtrack that seems perfect for these past weeks as Edinburgh has been effectively silenced. Despite this, I have found that many of the paintings in the exhibition are full of energy and lively colours." Simon Rivett

Exhibition Pics

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Simon Rivett

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Simon Rivett has been painting landscape since 1988, from his days as a student at Goldsmith’s College, London painting the declining industrial landscape of his home in Newcastle, to the last twenty three years spent living in and exploring the unique rural landscape of the Outer Hebrides.

He says "I like to take time to look beyond the obvious and understand the depth of this landscape, to interpret its subtle moods and to see the interactions between its different aspects."

Whether Simon is painting mountains in Iceland, the peaty moorland of Lewis, or the gentle hills of Cumbria and Northumberland, the graphic rhythms and components of these lands are captured in harmony with Simon's painterly skills using oil, pigment, watercolour, turpentine, wax and sand, bringing the composition of the land to life.

Foundation Course, Central School of Art & Design, London

BA (Honours) Fine Art, University of London, Goldsmiths College

Creative Scotland Award 2013

Simon Rivett

Artist Video

Artist Video