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David Greenall

David Greenall

David Greenall was born on Merseyside in 1947, left school at 15, and worked in the Building and Fishing industries before taking up painting in his late twenties.

His paintings and drawings are infused with a knowledge and understanding of light and its happy accidents. His use of colour within a simple compositional framework points to the innate gifts of one who, like Gauguin, abstracts from nature while dreaming before it, and whose work demonstrates a bold direct spatial organisation, using colour to create a 'musical poem' which needs no libretto.

In 198,2 at the age of 35, he began a one year Foundation Course at Norwich School of Art, followed by 3 years at the Winchester School of Art, receiving a BA Hons Degree. David now lives on the Isle of Lewis with his wife, the painter Ruth O’Dell. Grinding his own colour from pigment, mixing tempera with wax, charcoal with watercolour, supported by a keen draughtsman's eye, he presents work of fresh vigour. His innate ability to recognise a theme, combined with abstract interstitial space causes us to look again at landscape and see it through David Greenall's eyes.

Example of Artist's Work

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This Artist at Doubtfire

Land and a Cow

6th September - 27th September 2014