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2nd September - 30th September 2017

Michael G Clark PAI RSW, Karen Clark, Jim Dalziel and Steven Lindsay explore dress codes in an exhibition of paintings depicting the comfortable to the bizarre. Michael Clark’s rich and comforting French themes, Karen Clark’s fashion designer images, Jim Dalziel’s play on words, images and scenarios – and introducing Steven Lindsay’s surreal figurative work to Doubtfire.

Exhibition Images

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Karen Clark

Karen Clark studied at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, gaining an honours degree in Visual Arts and English Literature.

She graduated in 1984 and moved to London where she worked for the department store Liberty. She soaked up the delights of the Oriental, Christmas and Fabrics departments, before moving on to become a Picture Researcher. It was when she was working in South Kensington for a publishing compa ... Read More

Michael G Clark PAI RSW RGI

Michael G Clark graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1983.

He visited Paris for the first time in 1980, walking for miles, drinking in the atmosphere and revelling in the style of the city and its people. He loved the cafés and the streets – the different iconography the city had to offer. This love for Paris and the South of France is clearly reflected in his paintings, using an accomplished technique which creates ... Read More

Jim Dalziel

The colourful world of artist Jim Dalziel is by turns quirky, surreal and sometimes a little poignant. His first solo exhibition at Doubtfire Gallery in 2013 offered a delightful glimpse into that world.

After studying at the Edinburgh College of Art between 1974 and 1978, Jim went on to teach art for 35 years. During that time, his work has built up a dedicated following and he is now a full-time painter based in Edinburg ... Read More

Steven Lindsay

Steven Lindsay studied painting at Glasgow School of Art in the 80s. On leaving, he embarked on a successful career as a recording artist in the music industry, returning to his first love painting in 2011. He is very much an artist in ascendance, who although obviously from the European figurative tradition, brings an exciting take on that genre. The drawing and brushwork is classical yet used in an utterly modern context, somet ... Read More