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Elaine Speirs

Elaine Speirs

Elaine Speirs was born in Johannesburg and moved to the west coast of Scotland as a young child. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art and the Slade School of Fine Art in London.

Much of Elaine’s work stems from observing her children and their friends. By watching how they interact, how they learn from study and play, even how they rest and sleep, she recreates glimpses of the dreams and emotions that lie beneath the surface of their everyday lives.

She regularly exhibits at the RSA, with VAS and the SSA. Recently she exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London.

Awards have included the Fulton Textile Award (1995), the MacGregor Painting Award (1993) and recently the Glasgow Club Award (2012). She was shortlisted for the National Open Art Competition.

Example of Artist's Work

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This Artist at Doubtfire

Sleeping Dreaming

3rd May - 24th May 2014