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Doubtfire Gallery was established in 2010 by design partnership Frame Creative. This is a bright and spacious contemporary art gallery showing the work of emerging artists alongside that of established artists across a range of media.

With an ever increasing artist portfolio and client list, we specialise in contemporary art, mainly from the British Isles, and we are proud to showcase original art work with integrity. Over the year we curate and hang between 8 to 10 exhibitions; a mix of solo, small groups, mixed shows on a specific concept or theme and general mixed shows. We also are happy to showcase selected designers and makers within appropriate exhibitions.

We see the development of strong and trusting relationships with both artists and buyers to be key to the success of the gallery and we have established a reputation for showing great art, presenting it to stunning effect and providing a warm and friendly approach to visitors.

Hanging, Framing and Deliveries

If you would like help with hanging, framing and moving your artwork in your own home, then advice and a quotation can be given and arrangements can be made to meet your requirements - all subject to your location and ability to visit your premises.

Photo Montage

If you're not sure how a painting you've seen on our website or in the gallery will look in your own interior space, we can help. If you supply an image of your room, we will create an image of your chosen artwork in situ to help your decision making process.

New Location

Please note that from 6 March 2020 our gallery and design studio are now located at 28 North West Circus Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6TP. Please go to our Contact page for further details.

What's New?

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The real Madame Doubtfire