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Hugh Murdoch

Hugh Murdoch

1945 - 2010

Hugh Murdoch was an artist whose verve, energy and style translated onto the canvas in a fearless fusion of colour and paint. A man with a larger-than-life personality, Hugh overcame serious health problems in his early years to emerge as a prolific and prodigious artist with an extensive following of friends and admirers around the world.

Born in Dundee in 1945, Hugh graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1969 and worked as an illustrator and teacher through the 1970s. By the time he turned to full-time painting in the early 1990s, he was already an artist of great skill and character, deeply committed to work which rapidly gained a wide and enthusiastic following. He drew great inspiration from the Scottish countryside but, as his confidence grew, his imagination and spirit took him and his work into more exotic and sometimes dreamlike landscapes, scenarios and figures.

The worlds Hugh created captivated a growing army of buyers and collectors so that his work now features in many international collections as well as in the UK. Hugh remained active and creative, constantly evolving and developing as an artist, right up to his sudden death at his studio and gallery home in Lethangie, Kinrosshire in the summer of 2010.

But for the heart attack that robbed so many of a funny, colourful and generous friend, there is little doubt that Hugh would have continued to explore and expand a body of work which has made an indelible mark on the artistic life of Scotland. His legacy, however, is still very much alive and the demand for his work continues to rise and he remains a vibrant, collectable artist on the British scene.

Doubtfire Gallery curates his remaining work on behalf of Hugh’s estate and handles sales and re-sales of collected work on behalf of owners.

Example of Artist's Work

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