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Iain McIntosh

Iain McIntosh

Using traditional and digital techniques, creating logos and line illustrations for all sorts of uses, Iain McIntosh’s work has appeared in award-winning packaging, advertising, design, direct marketing and digital publishing.

His publishing work encompasses illustrations, book jacket designs and newspaper work for best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith, including 44 Scotland Street. He designed and illustrated Precious and the Monkeys which tells the story of the girlhood adventures of Precious Ramotswe, founder of the Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

McIntosh was born in Motherwell but has lived in the Capital ever since he came to study at Edinburgh College of Art as a teenager. He is married, with two children, including a daughter who, like Pat in 44 Scotland Street, just happens to be in her second gap year.

Freed from the pitch and hype of advertising, without an art director breathing down his neck but just the occasional call to his friend to check he’s on the right lines, this is the kind of job McIntosh loves the most.

All he has to do is take a stroll round the corner from his Fettes Row flat, observe the New Town passers-by a bit more closely than most, then it’s back to his desk to switch on Radio 4 and bring a select few characters to life on the page.

Doubtfire Gallery is pleased to provide an outlet for Iain to show his illustration as art in its own right, though small group exhibitions and a themed Festival exhibition with 2 like-minded artists, Bob Dewar and Jim Hutchison in August 2016.

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