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Jeanie Laub

Jeanie Laub

An artist living in Edinburgh, Jeanie Laub’s work focuses on themes from childhood, toys and times past. She uses vintage toys as inspiration. Bric-a-brac and broken or discarded items regarded as junk by some, can provoke strong memories in others.

Her often soft, delicate oil and mixed media pieces, which use childlike imagery and themes, evoke a strange yet comforting quality, yet others can be deliciously disturbing. Think Tim Burton mixed with some Lewis Carroll and add a splash of Nick Cave or Tom Waits.

Her boxed works depict a series of untitled assemblage and found object pieces. Each small box is filled with figurines, dolls, scraps of paper and other trinkets to create a haunting whole which begs multiple interpretations based on the viewer’s own experience and memories.

However, each piece carries a tale or message with incredible resonance and detail, whether relating to an old theatre in a provincial town, or an homage to an old movie icon - often carrying genuine memorabilia, while drawing on her genres of the melancholy and tragic side of show business, lost childhood and costume.

Jeanie’s work has regularly been shown in RSA exhibitions and she was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2015.

BA (hons) Drawing and Painting, Edinburgh College of Art

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