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Antarctica - a fragile eden 2015

Antarctica - A Fragile Eden
7th November - 28th November 2015

Antarctica - A Fragile Eden 2015

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Annie Broadley

Annie Broadley studied art with Edward Gage and James Henderson in Edinburgh before reading English at the University of Stirling. Since returning to Scotland in 1999, she has attended a series of courses and intensive summer schools, including two years of full time study with Paul Martin at Leith School of Art.

Generally, Annie works on canvas with a variety of media, but for her larger pieces uses glue tempera and finishes off with oil. Work in ink and collage also features, enhancing the range and depth of an already diverse yet cohesive collection. Her work has featured in exhibitions in London, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.

Antarctica, the world’s last great wilderness, is the subject of this stunning collection of work by Scottish artist Annie Broadley. Already widely known and admired for her landscape work, Annie’s recent exhibition, “Fragile Eden,” takes her – and her audience – into dazzling and evocative new worlds of colour, texture and form. A visit during the closing days of a brief Antarctic summer four years ago proved a pivotal experience for the artist, emotionally and creatively. A heightened awareness of conflicting pressures from environmental and commercial interests has made a lasting impact but, equally, this unique place had a profound effect on Annie’s creative output. This has resulted in her largest body of work on a particular theme and the subject of her first solo exhibition at Doubtfire Gallery.

“The work in Fragile Eden maintains a representational core yet allows the imagination to soar towards abstraction, especially in underwater scenes of extraordinary lyricism and colour.“