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2nd June - 7th July 2018

Paul Martin, in his first exhibition at Doubtfire, explains the concept of the show: “We recognise the familiar, locate the unusual and are warned of delight and danger by signs. There are signs which trigger memory and knowledge, some which remind us of past experiences, there are signs which convey energy or excitement, there are signs of the sacred. There is also a heart in matter through which we identify and control our reaction and response to things and events. This body of work takes its origins from memories of landscape. Not specific, named places but the sensed, dreamed locations encased within the matter which constitute those places. The language of the paintings, the material substance, the cursive drawing, the colour within the medium are painterly signs of perceived experiences. They refer to the power of wind and rain, movement, flux and motion, the scratchy, pungency of undergrowth or the wetness of water in rivers and lochs and sea. Their titles are intended to engage the viewer in a dialogue with the painting itself; colour, rhythm, substance, composition but also with three other experiences. Memories of places, material and non-material sensations and remembered emotion in response to those places or things. The use of an unorthodox arrangement of upper and lower case typography is designed to assist the search for meaning by making concentration essential as if the viewer were focussing on a landscape to discover signs of habitation, changing patterns of light, or traces of animals or birds. Painting and title are a contemplative unit”

Exhibition Images

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Paul Martin

Paul (b. Bournemouth, 1948) began his studies in the late 1960s at Birmingham School of Art, a college dominated by Abstract Expressionism, before moving to the Royal Academy whose more traditional methods focused largely on life-drawing.

Paul has exhibited widely both at home and abroad, and has work in the collections of The Royal Academy, The British Museum and the BBC. Over the course of his career he has garnered many awards including The British Institution prize for Printmaking and The Royal Academy Awards for Painting and Printmaking.

Doubtfire Gallery was introduced to Paul in 2010 when he enthusiastically recommended for exhibiting, a number of artists who had been tutored by him during his time at Leith School of Art.

We learned from these artists of the huge influence Paul has been on their work and of the intricate and skilful techniques he encouraged them to experiment with in their creative journey. We continue to show some of these artists and we are delighted now to welcome Paul in a solo exhibition at Doubtfire "THEheaRTOfmAtTeR", his first ever showing here.