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character building

character building
6th July - 10th August 2019

Four artists, four characters, four observations on the human psyche - the spirit, the strength, the poignant and the surreal. This is a striking collection of work by artists who have a refreshingly original view of the world. From showing the strength in our personality to whimsical interpretations of situations, events and phrases, all of these artists are masters of their craft, with an intimate understanding of their styles and treatment. Thought provoking, powerful, stunning – and in many ways affectionate and fun.

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Jim Dalziel

The colourful world of artist Jim Dalziel is by turns quirky, surreal and sometimes a little poignant. His first solo exhibition at Doubtfire Gallery in 2013 offered a delightful glimpse into that world.

After studying at the Edinburgh College of Art between 1974 and 1978, Jim went on to teach art for 35 years. During that time, his work has built up a dedicated following and he is now a full-time painter based in Edinburg ... Read More

Bob Dewar

Bob Dewar was born in the Simpson Maternity Pavilion in Edinburgh. He was incubated for a while before his family moved to Arbroath. He still remembers being pushed, aged one, through streets near the Abbey in a high pram whilst wearing a blue hand-knitted beret.

He was first published nationally at fifteen – sans beret. He illustrated about forty books for Oxford University Press and Birlinn among others. He regularly cont ... Read More

Alan Faulds

Alan Fauld's sculpture has its source in the workshops of pre Reformation Europe where sculptors and painters collaborated. For the most part, he is swimming against the flow of the last 100 years of sculpture with its minimalism, abstraction and interest in materials. His work is figurative and narrative with subject matter based on his observations and sometimes irreverent reflections on the world around him. He makes the op ... Read More

Steven Lindsay

Steven Lindsay studied painting at Glasgow School of Art in the 80s. On leaving, he embarked on a successful career as a recording artist in the music industry, returning to his first love painting in 2011. He is very much an artist in ascendance, who although obviously from the European figurative tradition, brings an exciting take on that genre. The drawing and brushwork is classical yet used in an utterly modern context, somet ... Read More