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8th September - 16th October 2021

Alan James McLeod’s abstract works are inspired by the beauty and detail of the landscape, buildings and objects that surround him. In this, his second solo exhibition at Doubtfire, he has produced a visually rich collection, tracing the spiritual and ancient past. “My inspiration comes from diverse sources, including ageing interiors, weathered surfaces, direct responses to music and a background in textile design. Bringing to mind remembered or imagined far flung locations, ancient artefacts and decorative schemes.” Using water-based paint on paper, Alan creates multi-layered, highly textural surfaces - often collaging different papers together to produce mainly abstract pieces that invite the viewer’s own interpretation.

Exhibition Images

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Alan James McLeod

Alan was born in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, before moving to Edinburgh. He graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1990 with a BA (Hons) in Applied Design, winning a design award for furnishing textiles from the RSA. His early career was chiefly in textile design, working with producers such as Monkwell, Warner Fabrics, John Lewis, Habitat, Zoffany and Sanderson Fabrics.

Currently based in Worthing, Sussex, Alan has increasingly turned to painting as an expression of the landscape and elements, which encompass him in his daily life.

“My influences range from weathered effects created by the elements, to landscapes, planetary bodies, human bodies, and minds, and surface pattern making.

The works are created using hand painted papers, before being collaged together. Blending gouache, textiles and mixed media, Alan creates unique works of art which translate his subjects into beautiful, weathered and textured work on paper.

“Painting provides an answer to a call from my surroundings. The wear caused by nature, from weathering of man-made and natural materials, reveals a multi-layered history. Inspiration then becomes more cerebral. Documenting emotional responses to music and memory, celestial bodies and changes in the seasons.”

Alan has previously shown in mixed exhibitions at Doubtfire Gallery, as well as showing at Cameron Contemporary Art, Hove, Littlehampton Museum and IO Gallery, Brighton. In 2015, he presented his first solo collection to great acclaim here at Doubtfire, showing a stunning collection of original contemporary work, both large and small scale, abstract and semi-abstract.