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remain in light

remain in light
23rd June - 31st July 2021

This exhibition of new paintings by Euan McGregor touches on subjects close to his heart – the marginal and fringe spaces of the land, echoes of the past, modernist architecture, colour, light and an element of nostalgia. How apt is the concept of a lighthouse or a harbour today? It is the light, the effect of the light and the colour and emotion it dispenses to all of us that contributes to the uplifting mood of this exhibition. The comfort in the sight of a lighthouse or the relief on entering a safe harbour are so resonant with our lives today as we enjoy the return of some of our cherished routines and pleasures. “I love the fact that these structures often inhabit the wildest of places, so there’s a contradiction of sorts, but they suggest life and refuge, which is why they work so well together. The buildings themselves are industrial cathedrals with shapes integral to the specific functions they perform.”

Exhibition Images

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Euan McGregor PAI

An award winning artist, Euan McGregor lives and works in West Kilbride on the north Ayrshire coast.

Euan’s roots are in printmaking, giving his work an emphasis on mark-making and shape. He has an interest in all things Modernist and in particular, mid 20th century British landscape painting. His influences include Hockney, Piper and the St Ives school in Cornwall.

His recent work has been inspired by some of our iconic malt whisky distilleries. Frequently drawn to marginal and fringe spaces in his work, he says “I love the fact that these structures often inhabit the wildest of places, so there’s a contradiction of sorts but they work well together, especially as the product is so synonymous with its geography. The buildings themselves are industrial cathedrals with specific shapes integral to the whisky-making process.”

Euan’s work has a strong sense of emotion, shape and subject, using his printmaking skills to give the illusion of depth by adding texture in thinly applied layers. His work is striking, yet subtle in its makeup.

He is a recipient of the RGI Cuthbert Artist Award and Glasgow Art Club Fellowship Award and in 2015, he became a Diplomate of the Paisley Arts Institute and has received several awards from the Royal Glasgow Institute.

He currently teaches Art & Design in a secondary school in Renfrewshire and lives with his young family in North Ayrshire. He frequently exhibits in the PAI, RGI and RSA. He has won awards throughout his career and continues to exhibit across the UK.