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Anupa Gardner

Anupa Gardner

Anupa Gardner is an illustrator and printmaker working in Edinburgh. Born in India in 1980, she is a graduate of Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology.

She obtained a Masters in Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art in 2008, going on to teach printmaking at Winchester College. She is currently the Screenprinting Technician at Edinburgh Printmakers while continuing her own practice as a printmaker, artist and educator.

Anupa’s inspiration comes from the everyday, sometimes blurring with nostalgia for a place or a moment. Her work looks at 'the ordinary' to convey events in time that are special or magical. These moments then become accessible to the viewer, inspiring them to find joy in their own day-to-day living. She enjoys how unexpectedly the present, triggered by smell or conversation, connects people, places, and times shared past. Memories colourfully vivid, or so fleeting that they are gone the next instant, leaving only a lingering feeling. They open up a bittersweet nostalgic journey which she dips into for imagery.

Example of Artist's Work

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25th November 2020 - 8th May 2021

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14th April - 26th May 2018


3rd December 2016 - 4th February 2017

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2nd August - 30th August 2014