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Chris Nugent

Chris Nugent

Chris Nugent lives and teaches art in Edinburgh and has been exhibiting throughout the UK and Europe since graduating in 1986, including showing in SSA and RSA. With a clutch of awards since then, he has developed a fluid approach to the interaction of light and colour on the elements of sky, sea and land. His recent work has focussed on cityscapes, working with mixed media to create a multi-layered interpretation of the bustle, energy and dynamic of features and panoramas – adapting this bold style to seascapes and other locations.

“My main subject is the built environment or structures within landscape. For this, I have created a specific working method which I think captures the complex layering of texture, shape and form found in various architectural and urban styles. I?am inspired by street art and seek to integrate elements of this technique into my own urban work.”

BA Hons (1st Class) in Drawing and Painting, ECA, PG DIP, PGCE dip Member SSA, VAS

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