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Michael G Clark RGI RSW PAI

Michael G Clark RGI RSW PAI

Michael graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1983.

He often paints scenes from everyday life: a couple hugging in Paris, a waiter balancing a tray, a conversation at a café table. If there is a narrative taking place in his paintings, he wants the viewer to share the story.

"I don’t spend much time drawing. I prefer to just paint. It has always been like that. I can remember primary school and the cakes of poster paint which turned gooey with just the right amount of water and the frustration when our art class was cancelled because William Morrison knocked over his water jar.

“If I work from my photographs, they are just the starting point, the inspiration for the painting. It might be a mood or a posture that I respond to as I often end up painting out the detail, simplifying the image. The painting has to deliver more than the photograph.

“My paintings are a response to my surroundings, places, and people I love and if in my daydreams I find our garden in Spring, I also find France or Italy in the Summer and Autumn.“ Michael G. Clark, Ayrshire 2024

“His paintings depict life kissed by the restorative power of the sun and a chilled bottle of wine waiting to be shared among friends.” Dr Nia Clark MA MPhil

Example of Artist's Work

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